CSIRT is TDC’s Computer Security Incident Response Team. CSIRT deals with incidents of internet misuse of TDC’s business customer’s networks. We are always updated on the most recent threats that can compromise the security of your company’s network.

Internet misuse

Internet misuse characterizes incidents where networks are hacked and being used to send out spam and spread virus. It can also be incidents where personal information as names, post addresses and e-mails are illegally snatched.

Report internet misuse of a TDC Business customer’s network

If you suspect that a TDC Business customer’s network is being misused please send a rapport to csirt@csirt.tdc.dk. Your report should only concern one external IP address.

To process your rapport as quickly as possible, we ask you to use the following structure:

  1. Write all text in an e-mail 
  2. Note the suspect IP address and/or type of case (spam, virus, scanning) in the e-mail’s subject line 
  3. Consider if CSIRT can share your rapport with a 3rd party if necessary for further investigation 


Are you reporting incidents of scanning please include details such as traffic type, IP address and destination ports of the unwanted traffic plus time zone and accuracy.

Spam and virus

Are you reporting incidents of spam and virus please include a full copy of the mail header of the unwanted e-mails plus all relevant information about the virus. Please do not attach files containing virus

Contact information:

Sletvej 30, 10-110
8310 Tranbjerg
Phone: +45 6665 9638
E-mail: csirt@csirt.tdc.dk

Use this key to send encrypted e-mails to us via PGP:

Key Id: 0x70486034

Key Fingerprint: DE9F 1DC8 EDC3 7F32 7BC0 6E46 4C91 73F3 7048 6034

The key is accessible in most common key serves


GMT+1 (summertime GMT+2)

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