Operational status and traffic statistics

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Network performance in Self-service Business

The Network performance menu item can be found in Self-service Business under Service info. If you have broadband, fibre or a cellular network from TDC Business, you can select Operational status (ping) and Traffic statistics to view a list of all your connections and associated circuit IDs.

Operational status (Ping)

Operational status shows you the live status of your data connections from TDC Business. All connections with TDC routers are called (pinged) from a central TDC server in the network every five minutes. When the operational status for a connection is shown as a green dot, the router is responding. If the connection is down and we are not receiving replies from the TDC router, a red dot will be shown. Where a customer has connected their own equipment directly to the connection, if this allows a response to ping, a green dot will be shown for the connection in the list if we are receiving a response from the equipment.

The list under operating status will also show the response time in milliseconds (ms) for TDC's ping from the network to the router for each connection. If you have purchased the Monitoring option for your connections, this will also be shown in the overview. In this case, TDC's monitoring department will actively monitor each connection. If a breakdown occurs, a fault case will be automatically created at TDC and you will be contacted by one of our employees to inform you about the fault repair process. 

Traffic statistics (bandwidth usage)

Traffic statistics allows you to monitor the bandwidth usage on your connection. The general trend for data connections is that usage and the need for bandwidth is increasing. This functionality allows you to continually monitor when you need to upgrade your bandwidth, so you avoid bottlenecks and performance problems in your Internet and network solution.

If you select a specific circuit at the site and a from/to period, you will be shown a graph of the current bandwidth usage for the connection. If you have several services on your connection, such as an Internet service and an MPLS service, you can choose to view usage for the entire connection (access), or for each of the services.
If you have purchased the Quality of Service option for an MPLS network solution, you will also be able to see the usage for various traffic classes.