Notification of planned work

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You can register to receive Notification of planned work in Self-service Business, under Notification profile.

Notification of planned work is sent via email/text message 10 days before the event. You can select the circuits for which you wish to receive notifications. For example, you can deselect notifications on circuits to home offices, and select notifications on circuits to the company.

All notifications contain information on how long the planned work will cause disruptions. There will be a brief description of what the work involves. If there is a need for more detailed information about the work, the email will contain a link to a page in Self-service Business providing a more detailed description.

In the Self-service Business menu you will find two new items related to Notification of planned work – Change overview and Notification profile.

1. Click on Notification profile to choose from:

Click on Profile to choose the language, time zone, and whether there is a distinction between ordinary scheduled work (10 working days before) and urgent notifications (less than 2 working days before). Enter the email addresses/phone numbers to which you want Notification of planned work in the general network to be sent. If you want to make changes later, do so on this page.

Notification on circuits
Click on Notification on circuits, to view a list of all circuits under the selected KIS number. Then select the circuits for which you would like to receive notifications and enter one or more email addresses or phone numbers per circuit. If you want to change the email addresses or phone numbers, also do so under this menu. You can search for circuit numbers or email addresses.

You can create various groups where you place the circuits you use for the same purpose etc. under Groups. This is most relevant if you have many TDC circuits. The groups help give you an overview of when these have been – and will be – affected by planned work.

Importing/exporting circuits
For users who have many circuits, we have created a circuit import/export function which gives you a list of all circuits in Excel. This makes it easier to assign email addresses/mobile numbers in Excel and then upload the list to Self-service

2. Click on Change overview in the menu:

This page displays the planned work that has been carried out or is scheduled in the future. You can search on periods, circuit numbers, or ID numbers for the planned work. ID numbers for planned work are shown in the email/text message.

You can see the status of all planned work – whether it is ongoing, completed or cancelled.
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