I cannot enter TDC Trådløs

If you cannot enter TDC Trådløs it may be because the password is incorrect, your internet connection is not working or because a program or network drive is blocking your access. 

På Dansk / In Danish: Løs problemer med at logge ind i TDC Trådløs

Password is incorrect

Is the password you are trying to enter TDC Trådløs with incorrect, and you cannot remember the correct password, click on Send ny adgangskode (send new password). You will now receive a new password by e-mail.

If you have changed your e-mail adress, you need to reset your username and password.

Contact TDC Support for more help
Tryk på send ny adgangskode

The internet browser cannot display the web page

You cannot get access to the system

Are you met by the message Du kan ikke få adgang til systemet (you cannot get access to the system) it may help to close all programs that are connected to your company ie. e-mail programs or shared network drives.

Contact TDC Support if this does not solve the problem